Our company started over 10 years ago and worked behind the scenes for various factories. Our company entered into an agreement almost a decade ago which would allow us an equity stake within an existing factory. Therefore we could implement our own ideas within our factory and have more creative control and eventually turning it into an American facility outside the country.

Our core team is mainly made up of individuals who have actually worked on the ground in different overseas factories such as GM as engineers, quality control and purchasing.Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in manufacturing.




Our company at the time was a consultant firm that was hired by an investment group. We were brought in to help streamline the company and its manufacturing process and put in control to maintain certain quality standards. As part of the deal we were given an equity stake with a factory and a permanent joint venture. This agreement would take 10years to complete before we could enter into the second phase of the agreement. Our company did 2 million dollars in sales in our first year of business.


Duxberg begins marketing and looking within the U.S, Canadian and European markets for potential distributors. Our company did 2 million dollars in sales in our second year of business.


Our company decided to relocate our offices and set up a new production facility and begin manufacturing in-house automatic/manual slack adjusters and bearing center supports.


Our company was approved for our ISO/TS16949: 2002 quality system certification.


Duxberg enters into a few strategic partnerships with a few key distributors in various markets.  Our company did 10 million dollars in sales in 2007.





Our company sent samples to U.S Bendix for testing purposes and passed and our company was added to a list of qualified suppliers. Our company was also the third best manufacturer of American brake chambers.


Our company finally reached our goal of manufacturing a million units of one single product within a 12 month period. Duxberg manufactured 1.1 million brake chambers in 2009 and purchased more machinery to extend our manufacturing capabilities.


Our company sales reached an excess of 20 million dollars within a 12 month period. Duxberg begin the necessary steps to set up a new production line for camshafts the following year.


Duxberg camshaft production line was completed and we became at this time the only single camshaft standardized exports manufactures.


Duxberg expanded our existing factory by 8000 m² to increase production numbers and manufacturing capabilities.


Duxberg IG purchased 50,000 m² of land to set up our new manufacturing facility.


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